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A Prospective, Multicenter, Real-World Registry of Coronary Lithotripsy in Calcified Coronary Arteries: The REPLICA-EPIC18 Study

Oriol Rodriguez-Leor MD, PhD a b c, Ana Belen Cid-Alvarez MD, PhD d, Maria Lopez-Benito MD, PhD e, Nieves Gonzalo MD, PhD f g, Victoria Vilalta MD, PhD a b c, Jose Antonio Diarte de Miguel MD, PhD h, Leticia Fernandez López MD i, Alfonso Jurado-Roman MD, PhD j, Alejandro Diego MD, PhD k, Juan Francisco Oteo MD, PhD l, Carlos Cuellas MD, PhD e, Ramiro Trillo MD, PhD d, Alejandro Travieso MD, PhD f g, Fernando Alfonso MD, PhD m, Xavier Carrillo MD, PhD a b c, José Miguel Vegas-Valle MD n, Carlos Cortes-Villar MD, PhD h, Isaac Pascual MD o, Juan Francisco Muñoz Camacho MD i, Xacobe Flores MD, PhD p, Silvio Vera-Vera MD j, Jose Moreu MD, PhD q, Gilles Barreira de Sousa MD k, David Martí MD r, Jesus Jimenez-Mazuecos MD, PhD s, Monica Fuertes MD t, Raymundo Ocaranza MD, PhD u, Jose Maria de la Torre Hernandez MD, PhD v, Fernando Lozano MD, PhD w, Santiago G. Solana Martinez MD x, Josep Gómez-Lara MD, PhD y, Armando Perez de Prado MD, PhD eon behalf of theREPLICA-EPIC18 Investigators.


Intravascular lithotripsy (IVL) has demonstrated effectiveness in the treatment of calcified lesions in selected patients with stable coronary disease.


The authors sought to assess the performance of coronary IVL in calcified coronary lesions in a real-life, all comers, setting.


The REPLICA-EPIC18 study prospectively enrolled consecutive patients treated with IVL in 26 centers in Spain. An independent core laboratory performed the angiographic analysis and event adjudication. The primary effectiveness endpoint assessed procedural success (successful IVL delivery, final diameter stenosis <20%, and absence of in-hospital major adverse cardiovascular events [MACE]). The primary safety endpoint measured freedom from MACE at 30 days. A predefined substudy compared outcomes between acute coronary syndrome (ACS) and chronic coronary syndrome (CCS) patients.

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