Swiss CTO & CHIP Summit 2024


Dear CTO enthusiast, dear friend,

We are excited to announce that the fifth edition of the Swiss CTO & CHIP Summit 2024 takes place on September 5th to 6th in Basel, Switzerland.

Interest in complex PCI and total occlusion procedures is huge all over the world with numerous expert meetings and courses. The Swiss CTO & CHIP Summit is not just another course, as you will experience throughout the meeting. This two-day course is famous for its very interactive and familiar ambiance.

This year the spectrum will again cover all topics from reviewing the basics, learning tips & tricks to mastering complex techniques. State of the art lectures, live in a box case presentations and live cases from all over the world will cover all hot topics of CTO and complex high-risk and indicated PCI (CHIP). Battle talks will polarize controversial topics. We are convinced that sharing the broad experience and knowledge of our national and international faculty with the audience will make this course memorable.

The interactive and very educational course includes:

12 Live cases transmitted from around the world performed by expert operators
International and national faculty
State of the art presentations covering all the topics of CTO-PCI and CHIP
Structured discussions
CHIP complication case session
Fellows and hands-on workshops
Industry exhibition
Nurse and cardiovascular technician session

We look forward to welcoming you in September in Basel!

Daniel Weilenmann & Gregor Leibundgut
Course directors – Swiss CTO & CHIP Summit

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